Day 11: October 9, 2015--Boston, MA, to New York City

I believe that right about now, travel fatigue struck. What's my evidence?

Having left Boston (dang, we hated to leave) at 8:21 AM, we arrived in New York City at 12:20 with four (count 'em! Four!) devices for taking pictures: a camera and a phone for each of us.

And three of the four have nothing in them for that day! The fourth device--my phone, had one blurry shot from a train window, and two interiors of our room in Pod 51 Hotel (a pretty cool place, actually).

Come on, we were in New York, for crying out loud! The town so nice they named it twice!

I'm pretty sure what we did was, sleep, take a walk to find some sundries and food (the nearby Chipotle?), and sleep some more.

So I'm not even posting a Gallery. I'll just put our train tickets and the room shots here, and get ready for the Big Day tomorrow.

The Pod's bed took up most of the room.

The shower is behind the frosted glass; you could reach the sink from the bed. Perfect!

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