Day 13: October 11, 2015--Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT

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Let this serve for yesterday's train trip, too; Legs 7 and 8, a round trip.

Unlike yesterday, today had a single focus: the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT, followed by our return trip to the Pod 51 in New York City.

So, the next morning we reluctantly left our (amazing) beds and went downstairs for a stupendous breakfast in the M & M Bistro in the Hilton, which claims to serve "the best breakfast in Hartford all day long." Who were we to disagree? Veggie omelet, hash browns, wheat toast, friendly and professional service. A winner all around.

Me 'n' Mr. Twain. See the Gallery for details.
When we finished, we caught a cab outside the front door, taking our "bags" (just the backpacks) with us, and headed off to meet Mr. Twain.

There won't be a heck of a lot to say--or show, as no photos were allowed inside the Twain House (but I'll fix that down below, and then some).

We enjoyed the interpretive center and the film they showed as we waited for our tour, and then it was time. See lots of pictures in the Gallery.

Afterward, I had a chat with a staff member who portrays Twain at some events, and I name-dropped my evening with Hal Holbrook talking about his decades of live performances as Mark Twain.

If we had had more time, we might have visited the Harriet Beecher Stowe House and Interpretive Center, just across the lawn from Twain's place. Hartford has a ton of other interesting stuff to see, too. It could be worth two or three days. Ah, well.

We caught a city bus about a mile back to the station. It's a straight shot east on Farmington.

(I think at this point in the trip we had taken only three cabs--Amtrak to the hotel in Chicago and again in New York, and the cab out to the Twain House.)

We had Subway Sandwiches inside the Station, and our train left around 3:30. We were back in The Big Apple three hours later--and, regrettably, took another cab. (Rooms in Manhattan are not cheap, and the Pod was the best we could do--but it was not close to Penn Station.)

We rested up for another Big Day tomorrow.

From the Mark Twain House website. Click the picture for an amazing 3D tour of the House.

Now, about the opulent interior of the Twain House: We were not allowed to shoot inside, but the screenshot above is taken from an amazing 3D online tour of the house. I urge you to click on the picture and go take a look.

Hartford (Click to enlarge)

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