Day 16: October 14, 2015--Philadelphia, PA, to Washington, DC

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Out to of Philadelphia to our first night in Washington, D.C., with evening visits to Messrs Lincoln and Jefferson.

So there we were, back at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station in plenty of time to catch our 12:02 train that would arrive in Washington, D.C. ("Our Nation's Capital!") at 2:00 PM exactly. As I promised yesterday, there are a couple of pictures of the station's interior in the Gallery. One of America's busiest stations, it sees an average of over 11,000 people board or detrain daily. The station, by the way, was designed by a Chicago architectural firm that was the successor to Daniel Burnham's company. It was completed in 1933, accounting for its art deco touches.

The Joud. I'm probably thinking, "From last night's charming B & B to this?"
(Photo by Lila)

Arriving Washington, we took a cab (dang) across town to the Joud Residence, an odd hybrid between a hotel and long-term apartments. Fact: Because we stayed three nights, we were charged an $80 fee to get the place ready for the next guest--as though we had been long-term rentals. Apparently those who stay only one or two nights do not have to pay this.

But the price was reasonable, the location was great--as you'll see in a minute--and, with a little prodding, the staff even saved my bacon a few days later. I'll tell you how when we get to it. That the Joud is located in the same building as the Egyptian Defense Office is neither here nor there.

We walked by George on our way to see Abe and Tom.
After checking in, we walked--yes, walked, just a hair over a mile--to the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and naturally saw the Washington Monument down the reflecting pool from Mr. Lincoln. Our route took us through George Washington University; we could have walked to Georgetown from the Joud had we had time, and the Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro Station was a third of a mile from "home."

Anyway, Mr. Lincoln. Yeah. Speechless. And by the time we got to Jefferson's Memorial, it was dark, so we did some night shooting.

I have to say, I don't participate in organized religion anymore, so the feelings of awe--reverence--that welled up in me caught me a little off-guard.

Being by now over two-and-a-half miles from the Joud, we took the red "Circulator" (National Mall Route) bus in to Union Station, and the yellow one toward Georgetown back out to near our hotel. Easy peasy.

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