Day 21: October 19, 2015--Atlanta, GA, to New Orleans, LA

We spent the entire day--8:38 AM to 7:32 PM, according to the schedule--in the train, the last "leg" on our 12-leg Rail Pass. (Then, how did you get home? Stay tuned.) So this will be another minimal post.

After a great family breakfast with our cousins--who were also getting ready for work and school--we headed off with Cousin Isabel to the station, near where she was working at the time. The 11-hour train ride was a great chance to think over yesterday's pleasures and consolidate the warm memories in our minds.

Arriving in New Orleans after sundown, we had Subway sandwiches in the Amtrak Station (and took a couple with us, as was our custom). Then we walked the less-than-a-mile to our hotel, The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery.

As it was also walking distance to the French Quarter, the hotel's location was perfect--and the price wasn't bad, around $160 a night. As the "Do Not Disturb" sign shows, it was a fun, "hip" sort of place, with a great restaurant downstairs. (Good price, yes, but our four-night stay was nearly our monthly budget here in the Philippines, if you take into account the numerous taxes.)

We took a few shots of our room, I did some planning, we read a little, and then we got a good night's sleep before our assault on New Orleans. Like "Colonel Jackson."

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