Day 1: September 29, 2015--Los Angeles to Williams Junction, AZ GALLERY

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Since we didn't actually see anything in our overnight train ride, here are some of the documents by which we lived during the trip.

First, my Bible (note my name on it, in case some other dastardly pilgrims tried to make it their own--but I never saw another using one on the whole trip!):

It didn't take me long to learn to read a timetable like a native. This train took us from L.A. to Chicago in three "legs"; can you figure them out?:

The things I most feared losing (which later I thought I did): Our passes (worth $689US each). Some kind conductor along the way told me I could have put both of us on one pass, but the guy who sold them to me in L.A. didn't seem to know that. By the way, note the date: I went down to Union Station and picked them up a few days before we left. They're good for 30 days, but if travel hadn't started in six months, they'd have been void.

On any particular "leg," we had to present the Pass and a valid ticket; otherwise, we'd have been detrained. Here are the ticket stubs for Leg 1:

Here's the full system map (from the inside cover of the "System Timetable"). Click the image to see it full size. (You may have to click that image again to bump it up, depending on your browser.)

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