Day 12: October 10, 2015--New York City to Hartford, CT GALLERY

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This was a pretty random day, sights wise. Nevertheless, as we shot more from the top of the Empire State Building than anywhere else, I'll divide the page like this:

  • Before the Empire State Building
  • The Empire State Building
  • After the Empire State Building

This should make it easier to find the references in today's post, which I strongly recommend. I'll keep these captions minimal.

Before the Empire State Building

This will cover five stops: St Patrick's Cathedral (2), Rockefeller Center (3), Times Square (4), Grand Central Station (5), and the New York Public Library (6). The numbers refer to locations on the walking map in today's post.

Exterior of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Interior of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Flags of U. N. member nations at Rockefeller Plaza

The famous roller rink (Photo by Lila)

Rockefeller Center's Radio City Music Hall (Photo by Lila)

Times "Square" (there was no square there) (Photo by Lila)

Times Square was definitely a happening place, though.

Busy, busy Grand Central Station (er... Terminal)

The Empire State Building

The "Umpire" State Building as seen from 5th Avenue. It was the
world's tallest building for nearly 40 years, from 1931 until
the World Trade Center's North Tower was completed in 1970.

The view from the top: That's the Chrysler Building with the needle on top; when it was
completed in 1930, it was the world's tallest building--for just 11 months, when the
Empire State Building was finished. That tall, ominous black thing to its right is Trump
World Tower (not Trump Tower, but the one near the U.N. Headquarters); and the Queensboro
Bridge is in the background. Probably some other buildings whose names we'd recognize, too.

We'll be seeing this lady close up in a couple of days. Nice shot of Liberty and Ellis Islands.
(Photo by Lila)

This was about all we saw of Central Park. Next time! (Photo by Lila)

The Flatiron Building from the top of the Empire State Building.
We'll see it from ground level in a minute. (Photo by Lila)

After the Empire State Building

The Flatiron from down below

Horace Greeley and friend (Photo by Lila)

The Burnett Memorial in Herald Square, featuring Minerva

Several owls remain from the top of the old New York
Building, demolished in 1921; the owl is Minerva's
bird (as, I guess, the pigeon is Horace Greeley's?).

From the train window sometime before we turn inland at New Haven (Photo by Lila)

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