Day 14: October 12, 2015--The Statue of Liberty, NYC GALLERY

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It was another great day, with a couple of highlights and a lot of wandering.

Off the bus, we took a stroll through Battery Park.

Originally meant to become part of the South Street Seaport Museum in Battery Park, the
didn't fit in with the Museum's plans. Instead of sending her to the scrap yard,
as planned, the Museum sold her to a German foundation to be displayed at the German Port
Museum. Sales price: $100US (after raising an endowment for the Peking's preservation).

From a distance...

Clinton Castle. (Sorry about the back lighting.)

South end of the castle, later in the day. (Photo by Lila)

Note the size of the people at the pedestal.

Liberty Island dock. (Photo by Lila; for an aviophobe, she sure shoots a lot of them!)

A fireboat giving a red, white, and blue "water salute"--maybe for Columbus Day?

About all we saw of Ellis Island (Photo by Lila)

A bit of the Manhattan skyline from the ferry (Photo by Lila)

Part of the 9/11 Memorial

The Washington Square Arch (Photo by Lila)

On the north side of the Arch are George Washington as Commander-in-Chief, Accompanied
by Fame and Valor, often called simply Washington at War; and George Washington as
President, Accompanied by Wisdom and Justice, more simply Washington at Peace

Detail of the Washington Square Arch.

The Waverly, perhaps the longtime home of Joseph Campbell

Homage to Joe

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