Day 16: October 14, 2015--Philadelphia, PA, to Washington, DC GALLERY

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Having arrived in Washington, D.C., at 2:00 PM, we managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing before bedtime.

But first, a look at whence we came.

30th Street Station, Philadelphia

The station's majestic interior.

This memorial to Pennsylvania railroad workers
who died in WWII really caught our eye.

Then, on to Our Nation's Capital.

I seldom share pictures of myself, but
I rather liked this one Lila caught with
her phone as I walked down the arcade
outside of Washington's Union Station.
(Photo by Lila)

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial from the rear--the sunny side in the evening.

A popular destination on a sunny Wednesday evening.

There he is, peeping out--like on the penny.

Awed. (Photo by Lila)

Detail of Daniel Chester French's masterpiece.

The Washington Monument

Our first view of the Washington Monument was
from about a mile and a half away--but then, it's
nearly two football-field-lengths tall! (555 feet)

Seen from Mr. Lincoln's vantage down the Reflecting Pool.

The Capitol Building can be seen behind it, wrapped in scaffolding. (Photo by Lila)

The Jefferson Memorial

By the time we got to Mr. Jefferson's, we got to do some night shooting.

Lila loves her wide angle lens! (Photo by Lila)

Tom looks kinda casual.

I'm more of a telephoto guy.

One more night shot. The soft focus is evocative.

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