Day 17: October 15, 2015--Monticello, VA GALLERY

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What a thrill to see the home of Thomas Jefferson, one of my lifetime heroes: a true Renaissance Man, long after the Renaissance.

A view from Mr. Jefferson's "Little Mountain" (Monticello), well under 900 feet

You see the east side of the house upon arrival. Bad lighting at that hour!

From the south

The west entrance

A wider view. The small building on the left (joined to the house by a
walkway) is matched by another near which I was standing. As I recall,
they were used for living quarters when the house was under construction. 

From the northwest

From the Monticello website

A view of the Rotunda at Jefferson's University of Virginia, seen from the "North terrace"

A cellar under the house

Jefferson's grave is on the property.

He dictated that the wording was to be strictly followed.

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