Day 19: October 17, 2015--Washington, DC, to Atlanta, GA GALLERY

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For some reason, these weren't torn. This is what all our tickets looked like originally.

It was quite a busy day! See the story of our nearest tragedy back in today's Post.

Around the White House

Andrew Jackson on Lafayette Square, north of the White House (Photo by Lila)

There's a street in L.A. named for Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish
military man who fought for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

Detail of the Kosciuszko monument in Lafayette Square

The Treasury Building, east of the White House

A more dramatic shot of the Treasury Building

The Washington Monument close up (Photo by Lila)

The USDA--approved! (The Department of Agriculture Building)

The Smithsonian "Castle" from the northwest

Detail of the above view

Approaching the northern entrance from the west (Photo by Lila)

The Smithsonian "Castle" from the south side (Photo by Lila)

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial

Walking from the station to the cemetery, we saw this strange sight.

Note the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial
on the other side of the Potomac River; we're well over three miles from the Capitol.

The Washington National Cathedral

As with the "Iwo Jima Memorial" above, I will present these largely without comment.

Little St. Alban's Church seems dwarfed by its neighbor (behind the trees in this shot)
(Photo by Lila)

The scaffolding is for repairs from the 2011 earthquake

(Photo by Lila)

My symbol on the floor! (Photo by Lila)

(Photo by Lila)

Flying buttresses

And finally...

Exterior of Washington's Union Station (Photo by Lila)


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