Day 23: October 21, 2015--NOLA: French Quarter 2 GALLERY

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A random, casual day. The photos below are not necessarily shown in the order taken. See today's post for background on some of the shots.

First stop--after the laundry--was my cousin Wayne's restaurant, Li'l Dizzy's. Alas, though the place wwas open, Wayne wasn't there. But see today's post for a funny story.

I looked at mementos about my grandfather... (Photo by Lila)

...while Lila fixated on the hot sauce.

After that, we just wandered the streets until sundown, shooting here and there.

This house, Madame John's Legacy, appears briefly seen in the film Interview
with the Vampire
, as well as in 12 Years a Slave. The name comes from a short
story, "Tite Poulette," by the New Orleans writer George Washington Cable.
(Lila shot several other Interview locations, as well, along with voodoo sites, etc.)

Yet another fine pile in the back streets of the Quarter. (Photo by Lila)

Lila and I were especially attracted to this one, since it looks like one in a textbook we taught from.

Mardi Gras Jazz frogs in a courtyard

I love to see "distressed" paint, like on this hitching post.

She was really beltin' it.

This bride shouldn't pay for that makeup. (Photo by Lila)

Well, I'm sold. (Photo by Lila)

Thus unprepossessing building... the very heart of traditional jazz preservation.

Another angle on St. Louis Cathedral

Closer up on the Cabildo, which we saw the yesterday

Musicians in Jackson Square.

Between two horns

Tuba bliss (Photo by Lila)

And "Best Shot of the Day" goes to Lila. Wow.

My little soldier

James's addiction

And Lila likes them, too.

Not "Desire," but close enough

Happy commuter

The casino near our hotel is another of those we have never bothered to enter.

I think Churchill started the trend of "Peace signs" in photos.

The Piazza d'Italia was really weird. See today's post for background.

(Photo by Lila)

After a quick stop back at Old 77, we went out to Juan's Flying Burrito--the first of two experiences there.

Pretty darned cute logo.

And excellent, veg-friendly food.

And that's all until tomorrow!

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