Day 24: October 22, 2015--NOLA: Cousin Wayne, Longue Vue House, and the McClains GALLERY

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Let's start with some of the things we saw walking over to catch the bus to Li'l Dizzy's--one more time.

I know it's his name, but I think "Minor Wisdom" is a funny name for a courthouse.

Ben Franklin stands in Lafayette Square. With
beads. That's Lafayette's butt behind him. John
McDonogh (see yesterday) is beyond, out of the shot.

The Swoop-Duggins House--once a brothel--may be the single oldest "house" remaining in
downtown New Orleans. Built before 1850, it's on the National Register of Historic Places.

Longue Vue House and Garden

This was the day's primary tourist visitation--except for the other one later.

The pictures below are keyed to this map. See today's post for a little more detail.

Looking up "Oak Allee" (3) to the Main House (F)

The Main House (F) closer up

The Main House gets dressed up for Halloween (Photo by Lila)

The Main House gets dressed up for Halloween (Photo by Lila)

The Main House gets dressed up for Halloween (Photo by Lila)

This fountain in the Pan Garden (6) is one of the things I remember
best from my visit nearly four decades earlier. (Photo by Lila)

View from the Main House's South Side down the "Spanish Court" (10)

Looking from the Loggia (J) up the "Spanish Court" (10) to the south side of the Main House

Another angle on the same view (Photo by Lila)

In the Canal Garden (12)

Sunken area in the Walled Garden (13) (Photo by Lila)

Bas relief fountain in the Walled Garden (13)

Past the sunken area, the gateway from the Walled Garden (13) to the Wild Garden (14)

In the Wild Garden (14) (Photo by Lila)

The "Pigeonnier" (K), where we ended our visit

The Evening

We met the McClains (see today's post) and walked down Bourbon Street. After visiting Preservation Hall (no shooting inside; see the exterior in yesterday's Gallery) we looked around the neighborhood a bit.

On Bourbon Street. It really looks different at night! (Photo by Lila)

One of the better-decorated houses. The glass coffin was a nice touch. (Photo by Lila)

And that was it--until our Big Day tomorrow!

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