Day 25: October 23, 2015--NOLA with the McClains GALLERY

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This day falls into three natural parts:
  • The Steamboat Natchez
  • Back Streets and Louis Armstrong Park
  • St. Louis Cemetery #2

"Can you find the steamboat hidden in this picture?"
Oddly, none of us had photographed the ship itself on the day we took our ride. As I
told Lila today (2017), we were too busy having fun with each other to be bothered by
such trifles. But on Day 1 in New Orleans (Day 22 of the trip) I had shot it from
afar. Hint: Look for the stacks around the middle of the photo and follow them down.

The Steamboat Natchez

Miles and I had our first spat over who was going to buy the tickets; it would not be the last such squabble. And at $32 a head, that one was worth squabbling about!

From the Boat

Here's what we saw from the steamboat, mainly on the way out (downstream).

St. Louis Cathedral as seen from the River

This old rice mill building has been converted into lofts.

The wharf was largely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

The Cape Kennedy and the Cape Knox are roll-on/roll-off ships that have been
moored in New Orleans since 1996. Part of the Ready Reserve Force (RRF), they can
by fully activated in a matter of five days, for peacekeeping--or war-making.

Jackson Barracks, established in 1834, is now HQ for the Louisiana National Guard.

On the Boat

Here's a little of what we did on the steamboat, mainly on the way back.

Fine weather for sailing

"Big wheel keep on turnin'" (Photo by Lila)

New old friends: Me, Lila, Harriet, and Miles

A Gathering of Elders (ha!) (Photo by Lila)

Interior of the boat's salon

They weren't bad for a bunch of white guys.

Back Streets and Louis Armstrong Park

More Halloween decor

I love the colors on this one. (Photo by Lila)

Close up of the Louis Armstrong statue (see today's post)

A street band in the park

Sometimes when I change lenses, a contact in my camera doesn't
quite hook up and the subsequent shots are badly over-exposed.
Removing and replacing the lens usually solves the problem--if I
notice. This "mistake," though, ended up looking pretty cool, after
I messed with it in PhotoShop, like a shot on infra-red film.

The image is of Allison "Big Chief Tootie" Montana, the Big
Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe and the "Chief of
Chiefs" of all Mardi Gras Indians for over 50 years. Follow
the link for more info on the Indian culture (it's worth it).

The accidental arrangement makes it look like an album cover, no? (Photo by Lila)

St. Louis Cemetery #2

Read the story of how we got here in today's post.

I have often heard it said that the people of New Orleans bury their dead above ground because the high water table in the area makes the use of standard graves difficult. I don't know, though. While I'm sure it's a factor, there are lots of other Catholic cemeteries in the world (including where I live, in the Philippines) where above-ground tombs and mausoleums are the norm.

ANyway, the tombs will be presented here without comment.

Though this shot was taken the night before, outside of Preservation Hall, I thought I'd leave it here, as this was "McClain Day." What a splendid time we had!

And that's all! Tomorrow we fly away home...

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