Day 3: October 1, 2015--Williams Junction, AZ, to Santa Fe, NM GALLERY

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Here we go! Two sections today:

  • Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque
  • La Placita Dining Rooms, Albuquerque

Old Town Plaza

Some of the Plaza's cool architecture

Another one; note the "territorial style" window treatment.

San Felipe de Neri Church (1793) on the Plaza's north side; this is more typically
"northern New Mexico" than the elegant behemoth we'll see tomorrow

A sweet little bandstand graces the center of the Plaza

I imagine that of the gajillions of visitors Albuquerque's
Old Town Plaza receives annually, we're the first to think
of posing next to this indigenous gentleman.

La Placita Dining Rooms

Note the tree poking out of La Placita's roof.

Here it is from the inside. This was once a courtyard (placita).

This room sorta feels haunted.

The placita room is brighter.

Here we are with former Facebook "friend" and now real friend Chris Hill.

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