Day 8: October 6, 2015--Arrival in Boston, MA GALLERY

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Tickets used at the chain of trains at Albany (Rennsselaer)

We were on one train or another from morning (actually, yesterday evening) til well after dark. So our only "views" were of the country going past our window. Lila especially got some good ones.

Someone's barn

Someone else's barn (Photo by Lila)

Although I know the name of the building, its founding date, and its approximate location
(using the time stamp and train schedule), I couldn't find this in Google Images! (Photo by Lila)

Amazingly, I did find this one! I noticed the historical marker (on the yellow pole near
the wall) and using the timetable determined it was somewhere near Oneida, New York.
I then searched "historic stone building from train oneida new york" in Google Images
and skimmed down looking for the red shutters and distinctive front porch. There it
was, about 40 rows down, with the historical marker reading "Fort Johnson, 1749"
prominently in the foreground. I have to say, I was pretty dang lucky (better to be lucky
than good?). So it's "Old Fort Johnson" (actually in Amsterdam, quite a ways from
Oneida); you can read more about it at Wikipedia. (Photo by Lila)

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